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One World is Enough Franchise

  • Do you want to run your own business?
  • Are you hard working and have a passion for Fair Trade?
  • Do you love our stuff?
  • Do you want to follow a successful business model?
  • Do you want our help and support to help you succeed?

    Why One World is Enough?
  • We have been in business since 1997, we know what we are doing
  • We have just starting franchising so we have lots of opportunities available
  • We have had two of our own shops so know all about retailing, and we're keen to support you every step of the way
  • We have a great product range, we design and source all our own stuff and work directly with our own network of Fair Trade Producers, so it is all different, we call it a fusion of East meets West!
  • We go where the money is mid priced fashionable clothes of men, women and children plus a large range of interiors, crafts and instruments.

What do I do next?

Read through all he details below, if you think that you may be interested talk to Peter, our founder, on 07552 631728 or you can send him an email

If you think it's for you then come and see us in Cambridge, see the stock and see what you think!

Talk to your bank manager! You will need at least £15,000 to open a new shop, this includes £10,000 opening stock, plus £5,000 for equipment, consumables, initial fees etc plus a possible rental deposit to your landlord

Then join us and start your own One World is Enough Franchise


One World is Enough has been in business for 20 years and has grown to be one of the premier Fair Trade non food brands, our range of products cover four major areas; clothes, musical instruments, One World at Home (goods for the home) and One World Gallery ( Art, Craft & Artefacts). We supply retail and wholesale customers across the UK and abroad, especially North America. In this time the profile of Fair Trade has increased dramatically and is now the fastest growing sector of the retail market.

We got out of shops at the height of the great recession but as part of our recent review of our business we have decided to introduce a Franchise scheme which we intend to roll out across the country. These will operate alongside the chain of shops that we intend to roll out over the next five years. To see pictures of our old Cambridge Store click here, this will give you an idea of our image and branding.

We are looking for highly motivated people looking to run their own ethical business, it's a win win win situation, you win, we win and our producers win!

Why a Franchise

A Franchise is essentially a business in a box that has been proven to work, you don't need to discover everything for yourself. We have a tried and tested range of products, we have a name that people recognise and trust and we have 12 years experience of Fair Trade Retailing and Wholesaling.

The figures speak for themselves; 8 out of ten start up businesses fail in the first 3 years, 8 out of ten franchises are still in business after three years

The Benefits of being a Franchise

· Our Franchisees will trade under the One World is Enough name and will only stock One World is Enough Products. 

· Our franchisees will receive a new collection of goods every six months. They will receive the goods first before they become available to our non franchise wholesale customers, this will be as soon as our shipments come in. The quantities will depend on the level of their turnover. They can reorder as much of a particular item as they wish ( subject to stock levels)

· Our franchisees will get a 5% discount on wholesale prices as compared with ordinary wholesale customers.

· Our franchisees will get a 28 day credit account up to an individually agreed limit( subject to credit search). Credit Accounts can be paid by cheque, debit or credit card ( 2% surcharge applies to credit card payments). There is a 5% discount available for payment on order of goods.

· Our franchisees will have their own page on our website with a link from our front page and we will refer any queries that we receive from interested customers.

· All items will be tagged with One World is Enough labels which help build up brand awareness, inform the customers that the item is Fair Traded and has our web site details and phone numbers. We see the relationship between us and our franchisees as being a partnership, we advertise our stockists, refer queries to our stockists and in return our franchisees help build up our brand awareness, which will help us all.

· Our franchisees will receive a free promotional material, this will consist of A3 and A4 posters & Fact Sheets detailing the orgin and history of our more unusual products.

· In the first year our franchisees will receive 2 full days training and consultancy and as much telephone support as they wish. In subsequent years we will supply free telephone support.

· We will only have up to one stockist in each town and will try not to have two shops within 25 miles of each other.

The Scheme

Our Franchise scheme is aimed at independent shops and galleries who we carefully vet to ensure that they share our ethos of Fair Trade and of working cooperatively together. The aim of the scheme is to work with individuals who share our passion for Fair Trade to increase our network of Fair Trade Shops.

Range of Goods

We design our own exclusive collections of clothes in association with our producers, all our clothes carry the One World is Enough label. All our clothes are Fair Traded. We bring out two new collections every year, a spring/summer collection and an autumn/winter collection. We then release these clothes slowly so that each month there is something new to wow your customers!

We also have a range of non clothes goods, these are also sourced from our network of Fair Trade Producers, we get a new collection every year with some special gift items around Christmas Time.

Turnover and Profit

All our stock is priced to sell at over double the cost, we would expect you to sell the stock at our web price so that we have consistent pricing across the business.  However you are free to reduce prices during sales periods and on old stock as you see fit. 

We would expect, with the right staff, management and shop layout that a shop in a reasonable position in a busy market town should turnover around £100,000  per year, a shop in a prime spot could maybe double this. This would represent a gross profit of around £50,000.

Business Start-up Packs:

A shop or gallery would require an initial capital outlay of between £10,000 and £25,000 plus VAT for opening stock and an initial franchise fee of £500 +VAT ( This includes registration fee, initial help in finding a premises, negiotating a lease & fitting the shop)

In addition there would be the following fees;

Initial Marketing Pack

When you launch a new shop then publicity is the key! We devise a tailor made marketing pack for you, this will consist of hi quality postcards, press releases detailing the interesting story of One World is Enough, some human interest stories and advertising copy. It will be your responsiblity to send out the press releases to the local press and to book and pay for adverts in local publications. We will liase with you in the implementation of your launch. The cost of the initial launch pack is dependent upon your location, size of shop etc.

Bespoke Bags

We design your own bespoke personalised paper, reusable cotton and reusable hessian carrier bags. These include your store address and phone number. These are produced for us by our fair trade producers in Kathamandu and are a vital marketing tool, you want everybody in your town to be carrying one of our reusable bags, we give them away to good customers and sell them to the others!

Training Fee

Training is very important and good well trained staff make the difference between your business succeeding or failing. The amount of training that your business needs will be dependent upon size, turnover, number of employees etc. there will be a minimum of 2 days training a year, which would be your annual review and a day of ongoing training. 

On Going Management Fee

We have years of hands-on retail experience successfully selling our products in our own shops. We know what sells and how best to present it. One World is Enough will make sure that you get the best possible range of top-selling products within your budget, and we will always be available to personally answer your questions and offer practical advice and guidance on any aspect of the business.

The on going management fee covers the cost of on going support for your business, use of the One World is Enough name and unlimited telephone support. This is charged at 2% of your annual turnover. ( this is much lower than most franchises who charge 5- 20%)

Franchises are for a period of five years, during this time you annual fee will not increase. Franchisee will have first refusal on a new franchise contract subject to satisfactory performance. Once you have shown that you are a good and capable franchisee then you will be able to open other outlets. Each new outlet will be classed as a separate outlet in terms of fees payable.

Opening Stock & Product Selection

If you decide to go ahead we will prepare a detailed list of recommended opening stock to the value of your capital investment. This will be based on what we ourselves would choose to start up with were we in your position, and is likely to contain a mixture of clothes, instruments and crafts across a wide price band. You would, of course, be free to change or modify it in any way you felt fit, though in practice most people tend to trust our professional judgement. The quantities suggested will be based on our intimate knowledge of the business taking into account the overall popularity of one item compared to another, specific qualities such as size, colour and motif, and the number required to make an effective display and provide customer choice. In addition to the wholesale cost of each item we will also indicate the retail prices . We recommend that you stick with our retail prices as we know that they sell well at these prices. We usually have four sales a year so products that do not sell can be reduced at this time.


All our stock is made to order and its handcrafted nature means that once you have decided to go ahead we will have to increase production to accommodate your business. It is likely that we will be able to supply you from stock, but you will need to commit yourself financially a minimum of 4 to 8 weeks ahead of your opening date. A 50% advance deposit is requested at the time of ordering your opening stock because One World is Enough will be making a considerable financial commitment in stepping up production and forward purchasing additional goods to meet your anticipated requirements in the months to follow. This is particularly important, as it will ensure your immediate continuity of supply even though you are not obliged to buy the extra stock acquired on your behalf. Payment of the balance will fall due 14 days prior to the delivery of your order.


Pro-forma payment when ordering your opening stock, and 28 days credit thereafter, with payments being made by faster payments bank transfer. All goods are subject to VAT. Most products are held in stock and orders are usually dispatched within 48 hours. A 5% discount is offered if payment is made with the order, this is usually done by bank transfer. Delivery is charged at cost.

What Next?

Please complete send us an email ( with subject line franchise) with the following information;

  • Your name, business name address and contact details
  • Some information about your business ( if you are an existing business) and what makes you tick!

We will set up a wholesale account for you that gives access to our wholesale prices and online ordering facility (if you do not yet have a business name and address please enter your own), or call us on 07552 631728 for further details. We would be more than happy to discuss your ideas and requirements without the slightest obligation.


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