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At One World is Enough we have been soucing fairly traded clothes and crafts from our own network of fair trade producers for the last 20 years.
Before we started our business we spent a year travelling around Asia meetings lots of wonderful people making the most beautiful things.  We wanted to help them by providing a market for their goods in the West and so we began building our network of fair trade producers.  Over the last 20 years we have run our own market stall, festival stall, small shop, large shop, franchise business and website.  We have always sourced our own collection of fair trade clothes and crafts, every year we increase the number of producers that we deal with as we increase the range of products that we sell.

We want to help you source your products

We have long wholesaled our products to independent shops, market traders and festival stalls as well as dropshipping for online stores, however recently we have had many customers asking us to help them source products and of course we are happy to help!

What can we do for you?

Golden Buddha from Bali
  • Source products that you just can't find anywhere, 

If you've always wanted a Rickshaw or a 5ft high Standing Buddha or a special Thangka painting then we can try and source one for you.  We can source just one for you, or one thousand to decorate a chain of restaurants.  Whatever your requirement, we will try and do it for you, if we can do it we will give you an estimate of the cost and time scale.  If we can't we'll try and suggest something similar that we can source for you.

  • Source and produce your own branded a range of products or clothes

If you'd like to sell your own branded range of goods then we can source and produce them for you.  If you have your own designs then we can produce them for you, we can add your own labels and tags if you wish.
If you'd like us to produce some of our designs in different colours and fabrics then we can do this too, or if your requirements are your requirements are more general, say you just want some incense sets from Thailand or Sarongs from Bali then we are happy to help.

Advantages of using our the One World Fair Trade Sourcing Service

Rather than starting from scratch trying to find your own products, try our sourcing service.  We know where to go to get the best quality products which are ethically produced.  We understand that you need to make a profit and we source the goods directly from the manufacturers, we can give you a good price, much cheaper than using a UK based wholesaler and you have the reassurance that the goods have been fairly traded plus you are getting something different that has been specially sourced for you.
Here's a couple of examples of people who we helped;

Destination Wedding in Kota Kinabalu, Borneo

Orang Ulu Treehouse in Sarawak state, Borneo

A lady from New Zealand was interested in our collection of masks that we had designed after visiting Sarawak state in Borneo.  She was getting married in Kota Kinabalu, Borneo and wanted to give each of her wedding guests a hand carved mask as a wedding favour.  She wanted 220 special wedding masks, each in it's own cardboard box with it's own fumigation certificate sent by air freight to Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia.  Whats more she wanted them within 30 days. We flew to Bali, arranged the carving, painting, packing and shipping of the masks and even managed to get them to Kota Kinabalu a few days early.

Range of embroidered felt bags for Lira Braeden

Lira Braeden embroidered bagLira Braeden Embroidered bag

Lira Braeden commissioned us to source and produce a range of embroidered bags that they had designed.  We took their designs to our freestyle embroiderers in Kathmandu who faithfully reproduced their designs.  Each bag was embroidered on an old fashioned singer sewing machine rather than being mass produced.  We arranged shipping the bags back to the UK.

How it works

Well it depends what you want!  If you have your own designs then we would be happy to take your designs to our producers.  This works best if you can produce some samples of the items that you would like made up, together with colour charts of the colours that you would like.  
We will discuss your requirements with you generally over the phone, but if you fancy coming to see us we are happy to work face to face.  
We will explain your requirements to our producers and ask them to produce a sample.  We will email you pictures of the samples,If you are happy with the  sample then we will give you a price for your items. 
 If it is a small order and we are shipping our own goods at the same time we can give you a simple 'landed' price inclusive of shipping, duty and importing costs.  If it is a large order, going to a customer outside the European Union or cannot be incorporated into one of our shipments then we will give you a price exclusive of shipping and customs clearance.  We will give you a separate cost for shipping if required.

Costs & Minimum Orders

There is a £50 fee to register for  One World Fair Trade Sourcing.  This will be deductable against your first order.
As we are making these products especially for you there will be a minimum order of £100 per product ( this can be divided into different sizes and colours). 
The prices that we give you will obviously involve a markup to cover our costs however we try and keep prices competitive as we want to work with you to increase the supply of fair trade products and keep our producers busy!

Interested ?

If you would like to join One World Fair Trade Sourcing, learn more about it or simply chat through your ideas simply email Peter or ring him on 01223 606506 ( international +44 1223 606506).

We look forward to hearing from you !

© All designs, the name One World is Enough and spinning globe design are all copyright One World is Enough 1997 - 2019


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