Afghan Slipper Socks - Small


Afghan Slipper Socks - Small

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Amazing! Gorgeous
from on 12/01/2017
What beautiful cosy lovely slipper socks, just what everyone wanted for xmas, and now I'm coming back for more for those who didn't get any!
from on 21/10/2016
I had a pair of these via this company bought for me 28 years ago. Only in the last 4 years did I add elastic to the inner tops to keep them up...the ties had finally unravelled. I've just recently replaced them with another pair direct from this company. My old pair of 28 years have been worn every winter, and there are no holes whatsoever, and the leather sole still intact although unstitched in a couple of places.

Absolutely recommend these Afghan slipper socks, warm, comfortable, and hard-wearing..not to mention funky.!!

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